Holiday Pandemonium!

Brisk air. Turkey. Family. Friends. Colored lights. Cinnamon and pumpkin all of the things. Cozy sweaters. Hot cocoa. Holiday music. Watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation ad nauseam while large dogs are draped across your lap, filling your clothes and face with dog hair (is that just at my house?). Anyway, the holidays are coming!! I’m pretty excited about it, if you can’t tell.

We have SO much going on for the holidays, so let’s get right to it, shall we?

Black Friday: We’ll be open on Black Friday from 10-5. All Pandemonium T-shirts will be $15, and our exclusive coloring books will be $8.99!

Shop Small Saturday, November 28th: We’ll be open from 10-7 and Vanessa Colunga will be with us with some rockin’ deals!

  • 20% off all of her originals!!! This is ONLY on Shop Small Saturday, so don’t miss it! Original art doesn’t get discounted very often, so now’s your chance to get a killer price on Vanessa’s work!
  • Colunga Art Stocking Stuffer Deals! We have four different packages:
    • 1 print, 3 small magnets, and 4 buttons for $30! (Available until December 24th)
    • 1 large magnet, 3 small magnets, 1 keychain, and 3 buttons for $30! (Available until December 24th)
    • Print Sale!! First print is $20, second is $15, third and every print after only $10! (ONLY available on Shop Small Saturday!)
  • Vanessa will also have tons of new items like trinket boxes, plaques, coasters, and more! These are seriously limited quantities, so Saturday is your best bet to get some!
  • Pandemonium T-shirts will still be only $15! (reg. $20)
  • Pandemonium Coloring Books will still be only $8.99! (reg. $10.99)
  • Bad Art Greetings will be only $5 each! (reg. $9.99)
  • All of Jessica’s in-stock prints will be only $10! (reg. $20)

New Holiday Hours: After Thanksgiving, we’ll flip the switch and turn on our new holiday hours which will be: Sun 12-5, Mon Closed, Tue-Sat 11-7. On Dec 24th, we’ll be open 11-4, closed Dec 25th – Jan 2nd.


Bad Art Greetings – The Alternative Greeting Card

Have you ever wanted to wish someone happy birthday, apologize for a horrid transgression, or pop a question in a totally unique and memorable way? Of course you have. There’s just one problem. Greeting cards are boring and unoriginal. Know what else they are? Easily forgotten. Bad Art Greetings are just the opposite. They leave a lasting mark. And not necessarily in a bad way.

Instead of mailing off another lame greeting card with someone else’s stupid sentiments written on it, why not put your own words onto a one-of-a-kind piece of crappy art that your recipient can hang on their wall forever?

That’s what Bad Art Greetings are all about: an alternative greeting card guaranteed to be the most original thing your loved ones (or hated ones, or tolerated ones) have ever received.


You’re probably sitting there wondering why anyone would want to hang a piece of junk art on their wall. That’s a great question. There are actually quite a few reasons, smarty-pants. First, this is art. That’s what you do with art. You hang it on the wall. Second, the high quality paints and canvas we use might actually trick your recipient into thinking it’s good art, and they’ll be too embarrassed to admit it if they don’t like it. Third, they might think you painted it yourself and won’t dare throw it away for fear of hurting your feelbads. Fourth, they just might find it as awesome and funny as you do – and they’ll want to show that crap off to everyone they know! Either way, it totally beats flowers and a card. Besides, flowers die. Art lasts forever. Even bad art. Especially personalized bad art.

Bad Art Greetings - Wish You Were Here


  • All Bad Art Greetings are Pandemonium Art Gallery exclusives. You won’t find this garbage anywhere else!
  • All paintings are unique originals, painted by Pandemonium Art Gallery owner and artist extraordinaire, Jane Font. These aren’t replicas or prints, folks. They’re the real deal.
  • Greetings are painted on 5×7 inch canvas boards using quality Liquitex acrylic paints that’ll last for ages.
  • You provide the message, and we’ll ship your Bad Art original straight to you, or direct to your recipient. Your choice! You can also mosey on into Pandemonium Art Gallery and pick one up yourself if you’re lucky enough to live nearby.
  • All Bad Art Greetings are completed and shipped out within 3 business days.
  • Pop it in a frame or nail that sucker to the wall, and it’s ready for the world to see!

Bad Art Greetings - Sorry


Now you’re talkin’. To get started, decide what you want your Bad Art Greeting to say, in 140 characters or less. Then click HERE and pick from one of the 3 options below:

Option #1 (The $9.99 BAGsy Expresso): We’ll pick a design that best fits the sentiment of your message, scrawl your words across the front in visible ink, and mail it off to your desired destination.

Option #2 (The $14.99 Personal Touch): You pick the colors and/or request a simple doodle. Jane’s drawing skills are less than par, but hey, it’s not called Bad Art Greetings for no reason, am I right?!

Option #3 (The $19.99 Super Special Awesome Option): Email us a photo of what you want recreated. Jane will put it on canvas with her devastatingly bad (but oddly remarkable) skills.

*All Bad Art Greetings come with a certificate of authenticity. We’ll even throw in free shipping within the U.S. to show you what complete and total sweethearts we are.

That’s all there is to it! We provide the art – you provide the words. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy!

Wanna congratulate someone on a major accomplishment? We got it. Wreck your best friend’s car? Don’t sweat it, bro. Wish you could punch someone in the face but don’t want to suffer the repercussions of a lawsuit? Violence is no answer. Art, on the other hand, solves everything. No occasion is too trivial, and there’s no sentiment you can’t express – as long it’s not a threat, hateful, or breaks a restraining order. Let’s play nice, folks!


At the risk of being repetitive, let’s cover this one more time. You may NOT use this service to threaten, constitute harassment, violate a legal restraint, or perpetrate any other unlawful act. You agree that this is a novelty service for entertainment purposes only, and that is your only intention. Bad Art Greetings’ liability to you is limited to the price tag of the product. By ordering our product, you agree to release Bad Art Greetings (including its agents, officers, and employees) of any and all liability associated with the use of our services. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase and the recipient must also be 18 or over. You may not send a Bad Art Greetings to any person or organization you do not personally know. This includes famous animals and people, politicians and companies. We review all messages you submit, and any content we determine to be inappropriate will be omitted. This includes threats and harassment. All content on the site is for artistic purposes only. Please do not use our service for any other reason than as a novelty gift. If you’re not 100 percent sure your recipient will understand the novelty of the item, you’re probably better off not sending it.

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Last Week, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Last Week

Last Friday, we had the First Friday Art Stroll. It was slightly slower, because of the holiday, but it was still a pretty rockin’ time! Here are some of the new pieces that made their debut.

Paintings by Vanessa Colunga at Pandemonium Art Gallery

Paintings by Vanessa Colunga

Only two of these pieces by the amazing Vanessa Colunga made their debut last Friday: Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde. Tesla and Lucille Ball each lasted less than 24 hours before they went to their forever homes. I didn’t even get a good picture of them! Here’s Vanessa with Brandon, the lucky owner of Tesla. Prints of both, as well as the rest pictured, are available.

Paintings by Vanessa Colunga at Pandemonium Art Gallery


You can just see Lucy peeking over Vanessa’s shoulder.

Paintings by Stephen Henry

Paintings by Stephen Henry

Stephen Henry brought us these amazing oil paintings titled “Morning,” “Noon,” and “Night.” I can’t get enough of them…

Paintings by David Bown

Paintings by David Bown

David Bown never ceases to amaze me with his mixed media portraits. Trust me when I say you have to see them in person to really appreciate them.

Paintings by Jane Font

Paintings by Jane Font

A few of my paintings hit the scene too :)


Tomorrow marks the official start to Ogden’s Farmer’s Market, and we’re super excited! Our very own Jessica Hollon will have a booth out front of Pandemonium starting at 8 am. She’ll have original art, prints, and other fun stuff. She’ll have quite a few things on sale (including the very popular “Ooooooooooooh!” which is 25% off this month), so stop by and give her some love.

"Ooooooooooooooh!" by Jessica Hollon

“Ooooooooooooooh!” by Jessica Hollon

Alcatraz Photo by Jessica Hollon

Alcatraz Photo by Jessica Hollon

While you’re here, come inside and check out the new art and pick up your very own Pandemonium Art Gallery t-shirt for only $20!

Pandemonium Art Gallery T-Shirts


Can’t make it down but want a shirt anyway? You can get them on my website, here!

And Beyond

Pandemonium Paint Party (P3)

We’ve had a really great response to our videos! However, we’ve had several of you express your disappointment in the fact that we were discontinuing our public paint parties. Because of that, I’ve decided to continue them a bit. I don’t know how often, but keep your eye on my calendar. As always, we’re still doing private parties!

And Beyonder!

Ok, I know “beyonder” isn’t really a word, but whatever. Anyway, next month is our 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! I can’t even believe it. It’s gone by so fast. I’ll probably have something fun planned, so make sure you subscribe to my blog or follow me on Facebook to keep yourself in the know.

I hope everyone has a beautiful summer, and I hope to see you all at the Farmer’s Market!

Painting on YouTube!

"Sunset and Cattails" Painting Tutorial Available on My YouTube Channel!

“Sunset and Cattails” Painting Tutorial Available on My YouTube Channel!

I’m super excited to announce our first YouTube painting video! Click HERE to check it out. This is the first in a series of videos where I will walk you through step-by-step recreations of some of the most popular paintings from Pandemonium Paint Parties. This one is called “Sunset and Cattails” and is a good lesson for beginners and up!

In the video I’m painting on a 12×16-inch canvas board, but you can paint on any type and size of canvas you like.

The brushes I use are:

  • A 1-inch flat brush
  • A half-inch angle brush
  • A quarter-inch angle brush
  • A small round brush for signing

I’m using Liquitex Basics paints in the following colors:

  • Titanium White
  • Mars Black
  • Primary Blue
  • Deep Violet
  • Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue

Check it out, and I hope you like it! Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss a video.


What’s Next?

Pandemonium Paint Parties on YouTube

“What’s next?”

That’s the question I’m always asking myself. I don’t like to be comfortable. I like change. It’s a good thing, and it keeps me very busy! I also want to be unique. Like REALLY unique. So unique, that when I’m no longer unique, I come right back to “What’s next?”

Follow me down memory lane, will ya? Late in 2013, a friend who lives hundreds of miles away from me mentioned this paint and wine event she went to. I was intrigued, so I looked it up. I thought, “Hmm… I wonder if I could do something similar, but with my own twist?” I did my research and found that there wasn’t a similar business anywhere around here. The closest was in Salt Lake City. It took me a few months to figure out the logistics, but by March of 2014, I was leading regular paint parties at Pandemonium Art Gallery. I pride myself on my parties being different from the typical paint-by-numbers paint and wine establishments, and the feedback from my parties has been overwhelmingly positive!

Cut to today. These places are popping up EVERYWHERE! Just in Ogden, you can attend one of these events at numerous places – not to mention the national company that’s kind of become the Walmart of painting parties (and anyone who knows me knows EXACTLY how I feel about Walmart). While my parties are still unique, the concept is not. I sense a paint party bubble about to burst. So… “What’s next?”

It happens a lot. People will come to my paint parties, have a blast, and decide they want to paint more. Soon after, I get emails, Facebook messages, and people coming into my gallery to show me photos of things they’ve painted on their own. Do I feel threatened that they decided they don’t need my parties? That they can paint on their own without me? Absolutely NOT! I love this! In fact, I love it so much, I’ve decided that’s the direction I want to go. THAT’S what’s next.

I’ll still be offering private paint parties for groups of friends, families, girls’ night out, and co-workers who want to get together and be creative, but after the end of July, I won’t be offering regularly scheduled public parties anymore. Why? Because I’ll be coming into your homes to teach you how to paint on a one-on-one basis. “How much is that gonna cost me?” I can hear you asking. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero dollars. I’ll be taking the paint parties to YouTube, where you can watch for free from the comfort of your own home! You’ll be able to pause, rewind, and work on things at your own pace. Hopefully, I’ll be able to wrangle a few of my amazing local artists and get them to join in on the fun teaching you guys how to do all kinds of wonderful artistic things.

If you’ve ever been to a Pandemonium Paint Party, you already know that I’m generous with my supplier information. For this reason, I’ll also begin offering resources on my website to show you where you can get high quality, affordable art supplies.

Finally, here’s what I need from you: email me or leave comments below to tell me what kind of paintings, techniques, or helpful hints you’d like to see videos for. Production on a few has already begun! Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss a new video. Thanks for all of your support, everyone! I’m really excited to return the favor by supporting you in new ways on your art journey.

First Friday Art Stroll June 2015

Ogden’s First Friday Art Stroll is my favorite time of the month. Luckily for me (and YOU) it comes around every single month, year ’round, every year. Every month, we change things up a bit at Pandemonium. Sometimes we only put up a few new pieces of art, and sometimes we do a HUGE switcharoo! For June, we’re doing the latter. Here are some of the awesome things you can expect to see on June 5th.

New work from Nathan Shumate. Nathan’s art has been described as disturbing, cute, humorous, steampunk, Tim Burttonesque, and weird. But I think one word that really describes it is AWESOME! Not only are we going to have a couple of new sculptures by Nathan this month, but we’ll also have a couple of paintings! That’s right. Nathan was so inspired by one of his favorite artists at the gallery, Grant Fuhst, that he’s started painting again. We’re really excited to share those with you.

"The Angel's Book" by Nathan Shumate

“The Angel’s Book” by Nathan Shumate

New work from Jo Bradbury. You’ve seen Jo’s beautiful and serene industrial and city landscapes, and you’re about to see more! I haven’t yet seen the pieces I’ll have on display for you next month, but I have no doubt they’ll be just as awe inspiring as the others.

Industrial and City Landscapes by Jo Bradbury

Industrial and City Landscapes by Jo Bradbury

New work from Michelle Larsen. Michelle’s art always turns heads and gets people talking at Pandemonium, so we’re super excited about the new painting we’ll have in June. I can’t show you a picture of it yet because it’s not done. Guess you’ll have to come check it out in person! ;)

"Harvest" by Michelle Larsen

“Harvest” by Michelle Larsen

New artist, Sarah Larsen! Sarah will be the featured artist in June. Her paintings are a unique take on abstract portraits and cityscapes. Her choice of color, the amount of detail, and her use of lines are so impressive, I could stare at them for hours.

Abstract Portrait by Sarah Larsen

Abstract Portrait by Sarah Larsen

Cityscape by Sarah Larsen

Cityscape by Sarah Larsen

New Artist, Stacie Van Arsdale! I kinda have a thing for cute, strange, and whimsical taxidermy. So imagine my excitement when I got paired up with Stacie Van Arsdale! I seriously can’t wait to show you all of Stacie’s felted faux taxidermy animals. Not only does she do all of the felting, but she makes all of the clothing for each creature by hand, specifically for that piece. She even makes little noses and handpaints the eyes for many of her pieces. These little guys are darling, and I don’t think they’ll last too long, so don’t wait to come see them!

"Fancy Fawn" by Stacie Van Arsdale

“Fancy Fawn” by Stacie Van Arsdale

Not only is June 5th the day of the art stroll, but it’s also the annual car show on 25th Street! It’s gonna be a hoppin’ day, and I hope you’ll all come out. We usually open at 6 pm during the art stroll, but we’ll be open at 11 am this time!

Have a fabulous rest of May, everyone, and I’ll see you on June 5th!

Pandemonium Paint Party Workshops

You guys have been asking to learn more advanced painting techniques, and who am I to deny you? Behold! We shall now offer workshops on a monthly basis. We’ll lead you step-by-step through a simple painting which focuses on one or two elements such as brush technique, color theory, perspective, painting styles, etc., and all from the comfortable, group paint party setting you’ve come to love and expect from Pandemonium Paint Parties (P3).

"Misty Forest" Workshop

Our first workshop will happen on Saturday, November 15th at 6 pm. In this workshop, we’ll be painting “Misty Forest” where the focus will be creating distance, shadow and light using only one color. Oh yeah, and black and white. We’ll also talk about perspective a bit. The size of these paint workshops will be limited to 8 participants, so don’t wait to sign up!

What other workshops would you like to see? Leave me a comment below, message me on Facebook, or email me at